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mst3k_twilight's Journal

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bashing mst3k of twilight
TL;DR....What is this community about anyways?

Love MST3K?
Have the urge to bash all over Twilight?
Think the books are worthy of hilarious sporkings?
Couldn't get your way through the book it was so painful? Got through the book and hate yourself for it? Are reading it, just for the lols, just because it's so awful, because it amuses the hell out of you?
Have no idea why you keep reading the books?
Just want to share funny lols about the series with everyone?
Photoshop phun? Macros?
Afraid your going to be tempted by the awfulness? We'll cure you!
Just want to rant about how shiatty a writer Meyers is?
Does Edward Cullens remind you of Carrot Top?
Do Twilight Moms scare the crap out of you?
Can't wait to make fun of the movie?

This is the community for you.
This community is for the sporking the hell out of passages, logic flaws, all that sparkly nonsense, Mary Sueisms; you name it.

Get your popcorn ready!
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And get sporking!! The offical utensil MST3K Twilight! Often used as a weapon!
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And it's open to everyone.

(Only rules...coming soon...too lazy at the moment.)